Collocations With PAY

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Collocations plays an important role in speaking and writing. they help us to form a relevant phrase that should be commonly used together. Here in this lesson, we are going to see some collocations with PAY.

List of Collocations with

Learn these collocations to improve in English:

  • Pay a fine
    I had to pay a fine of 200/- last night.
  • Pay respect
    Always pay respect to your elders.
  • Pay attention
    Pay attention to what you are reading here.
  • Pay bills
    Can you transfer 1000/-? I have to pay my bills.
  • Pay cash
    You need to pay cash in order to make the payment.
  • Pay by credit/debit card etc.
    Sir, you can by any debit card.
  • Pay tribute
    I will pay tribute to the greatest batsman ever, Sir Don Bradman.

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