Explore the vast, uncharted realms of StoryLand. The more you explore, the more you will encounter characters that may provide you new quests, actions and objects that can add variety to your stories, and events that will open up new problems to solve and opportunities to advance in your quest to become a Master Word Slinger.


Any place where characters and objects can be found and events and actions take place qualifies as a setting. Settings can be crafted by a character or occur as a natural part of the world.

To find a list of settings that you can explore, all you have to do is go into your portable writing kit and open up your setting catalog. Select the setting you want and then click on the image of that setting.


The World of WordCraft is populated with characters of all shapes, sizes, and races. You never know who you will meet as you explore. Every character will have a quest you can complete for them.

As you complete these quests, you will build your relationships and develop trust. High relationship scores and high trust ratings will unlock more powerful quests and help you advance more quickly in your goal of becoming a Master Word Slinger.

Your character directory will contain a list of all the characters that you’ve encountered, the setting in which you enountered them, and your relationship score. To visit that character again, just click on the picture beside their name.


Objects help characters solve problems or make it past events. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. You can find them by exploring settings, talking to characters, or completing quests. Objects are a necessary ingredient in any story frame.

Your object inventory contains a list of all the objects you’ve discovered as you explore WordQuest. When you open up your inventory, it will contain an image of the object, the name of the object, a three word description of it, and the setting in which you first discovered it.

Objects that are not named can be named by you. This will allow you to turn a generic item into a personalized, custom item specific to your character.


Nothing happens in WordQuest without actions. These are collected by you as you move around the world and interact with different characters, completing quests and engaging in actions that move you forward toward your goal of becoming a Master Word Slinger.

Your action list will contain a list of all the actions you’ve observed or completed since you started WordQuest, along with a brief description of what that action means. No story frame can be completed without at least one action added to the other ingredients.

Actions degrade in freshness as they are used. You’ll need to collect many actions so you always have new ones to use in order to create the highest quality story frames possible.


Events are unexpected things that can happen at any time and in any setting as you explore WordQuest Online. Look for special objects and quests that are unlocked during an event.

Your event record contains a list of all the events that took place while you were exploring WordQuest Online along with the setting in which it took place.

They give extra power to your story frames but should be used sparingly. You do not have to add an event to complete a story frame.