Phrasal Verbs with “Get”

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Phrasal verbs are a common feature of the English language, and one of the most versatile and widely used verbs is “get.” In this blog post, we will explore some common phrasal verbs that include “get” and provide examples to help you understand their usage.

1. Get up

This phrasal verb means to rise or get out of bed. For example: “I usually get up at 7 am on weekdays.”

2. Get along

This phrasal verb means to have a good relationship with someone. For example: “My sister and I get along very well.”

3. Get over

This phrasal verb means to recover from an illness or a difficult situation. For example: “It took me a while to get over the flu.”

4. Get by

This phrasal verb means to manage or survive with limited resources. For example: “During tough times, we had to get by with less.”

5. Get off

This phrasal verb means to leave a form of transportation. For example: “I usually get off the bus at the third stop.”

These are just a few examples of phrasal verbs with “get.” Learning and using phrasal verbs can greatly enhance your English language skills and make your conversations more natural and fluent. Practice using these verbs in different contexts to become more comfortable with their usage.

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