Your Mission: To Transform The World With Words.

Solve problems. Change Hearts. Save Lives. Transform the World. All with the stroke of a pen.

Chose Your Path:

Word Cleric: Your words serve a higher power and a higher purpose, shaping and forming the world around you in cooperation with a vision much greater and more powerful than your own. Your stories are a foretaste of visions even you don’t fully comprehend and may surprise you as much as they do your fans.

Word Mage: Words are a tool you use to shape and form the world around you. Your stories are a reflection of things only you can envision. Your fans form in your image and likeness.

Word Warrior: Words are a weapon you use to strike down your enemies and protect your allies. Your words can cut out the hearts of your opponents or strengthen and encourage those who support you. Your fans adore you and your critics loathe you, but both respect your power.

Word Thief: Words have power, and you know how to claim that power for yourself. You are good at taking what the best clerics and mages can craft and making it your own. Why work for power when you can simply “acquire” it from others?

Word Merchant: You are a power broker. You make your living evaluating the worth of words and trading them to those seeking to tap into their power. You have forgotten more about words than most people ever knew. Paths available: Agents, Publishers, and Book Store Owners.

Word Appraiser: You have forgotten more about words than most people ever knew. You know their value, their history, and you understand the most powerful combinations to bring together. You often partner with word merchants to help them make the most of the words they seek to trade.

Word Guardian: You are the world’s defense against the forces that would seek to destroy stories and the power of the words they contain. You work tirelessly to be sure that stories are protected and passed down from generation to generation.

Word Smith: You are a master crafter of stories and the frames that word slingers use to create them. Your story frames are so solid that thousands of stories can be crafted from a single one, and your work is highly sought out by those word slingers looking to advance in their craft.