WordQuest Online offers both an in-game marketplace for you to explore and a real-world marketplace in which to showcase your stories and services or to find tools, games, services, and merchandise.



No Word Slinger is complete without their supplies. Blank journals, blank pages, ink pens, ink units, new story frames, and new stories can all be found in the market of any of the towns in WordQuest. You can also purchase them from players.


Hire a merchant to sell your stories for you, an appraiser to evaluate the quality of the words you’ve found and the stories you’ve created, a word warrior to defend you from word thieves and other dangers, or a word smith to craft new story frames from the collection of words you’ve accumulated. It’s all available in the Market – if you know where to look.

Real World


Love to read? You’re going to love browsing our bookstore. Our game features real authors whose books are available for sale.


We offer real life versions of many of the in-game objects. You can get your very own portable writing kit complete with blank journal, setting catalog, character directory, object inventory, event record, action list, and ink pen.


Yes, we’re so meta we offer games to go with our games so you can game while you’re gaming. These games will give you something to do in case the internet goes down so you can continue to feed your WordQuest addiction even if you’re forced to be offline. You can also give them away as Christmas gifts so you can share the addiction with your family and friends.


Stuck with your writing? Hire a coach. Finished your book and you’ve done all you can to polish it? Hire an editor. Want help publishing? Hire a publishing consultant. Want to be sure the word spreads about your book?

Hire our marketing and promotions team. Need help making sure your copyright is protected? Hire an intellectual property lawyer. We have services to meet nearly every need an author might have and more.


Proudly announce to your world that you are a Word Slinger! From t-shirts and bumper stickers to coffee mugs and wall art, our market offers something for everyone.

Your Books, Tools, Games, Services, or Merchandise!

If you have books, tools, games, services, or merchandise that you would like to see added to the marketplace, contact us. We’d love to discuss the options for securing a spot in our marketplace or options for integrating your offerings into our game.