Game Update 01

It might seem like little has changed at WordQuest Online, but fear not, my fellow word slingers. Progress is being made.

A. Updated Programs and Hardware

One problem that was slowing programming down tremendously was a server with out-of-date hardware and software. We have fixed that issue and new, more robust hardware is installed that can better handle the software needed to run Unity.

B. Artwork Work Arounds

As for the artwork, this is more challenging, but we believe we’ve found a temporary work around for that problem. Art assets are being produced, but since the project is currently a two-person team situation, we have to work around our day jobs in order to make progress so things are slower than we’d like.

If you are a 3d artist or a character artist and you would like to showcase your talents and abilities by helping us, please feel free to reach out. While there is, as of yet, no monetary compensation involved that does not mean there won’t be and it does not mean we don’t have other things to offer.

C. Marketplace Is Available – Somewhat

Note: The website’s market can now be used. You can create a blog post listing for your books, merchandise, and services for authors. Simply create a login, ask to be set to author status, and you can post about your books, merchandise, or services on our blog.

As of right now, I don’t have a plugin to handle selling things from our site, so you’re on the honor system as to giving us the 10% we ask to receive from any sales you make.

We have three market categories: Books, Merchandise, and Services. If what you are offering does not fit in those categories, please contact us and let us know what you need. We will help you set it up.

D. Opportunities To Introduce Yourself

In addition to creating listings in the market, it is highly recommended that if you plan on selling things in the market, you create a blog post introducing yourself as an author or someone who supports authors. You may post if you are one of the following: an author, a ghost writer, an intellectual property lawyer, a librarian, a book store owner, a publisher, an editor, an agent, work on book design, work in author promotion, or provide another kind of support service to writers.

To help you get the idea:

Master Word Mage: Author who writes for their own purposes

Master Word Cleric: Author who writes to serve a higher purpose

Master Word Warrior: Intellectual Property Lawyer

Master Word Guardian: Librarian

Master Word Merchant: Book Store Owner

Master Word Appraiser: Editor

Guildmaster: Publisher

Master Story Scout: Literary Agent

Master Word Smith: Writing Coach or Ghostwriter

Master Story Promoter: Publicist or Public Relations

Please remember that this is a game people are coming to play, so your article should use language from the game when you post. You want them to have fun with your article and to picture themselves doing the things your kind of character would do in-game – but in real life. If you find that a challenge and don’t know how to do it, reach out to me. I will help you put together the right kind of article to post up on our blog.

The more personality you show and the more fun you make yourself sound, the more likely your article is to produce the results you desire of getting people to contact you and consider buying from you :).

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