Game State Update June 2020

WordQuest Online is still very much a work in progress. But steps have been taken to move us forward.

Beginning with the MVP

It has been decided that our first iteration of the game will be a simple 2D simulation game. This will allow us to rapidly develop, deploy, and test the minimum viable product (MVP) that forms the foundation of WordQuest Online.

Once the 2D Simulation is out there and functional, it will be easier to use that code as the foundation of the work needed to build out our 3d Simulation. We will be able to play test functionality and gain feedback that we can then implement as we work toward our greater vision.

Thinking Through Systems

The original vision for the project was outlined almost a year ago. The project scope was vast and – to the lead programmer – overwhelming.

Our lead designer took a step back to learn some coding herself so that she could understand the struggles facing her programmer and better communicate her vision to him. This proved to be a very wise decision.

Our lead designer ascertained that what needed to happen was that the big vision needed to be broken down into several systems. These systems, once created, could be plugged into the simulation game to create the robust functionality that would support the game’s big vision.

Stay Tuned

More frequent updates will be coming. We are intending to launch the Writing Sim game within the next 3 weeks so that playtesting of that system can begin.

The dream of WordQuest Online will be a reality. It may take us time to do this, but it will be done.

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