Collect characters, actions, objects, settings, and events and combine them together to create story frames. Expand your story frames to create scenes. Assemble scenes to create acts, and acts to create rough stories.

The Power Of Creation

WordQuest Online puts the power of creation in your hands. What you create and how you create it will determine the power your stories command and how quickly you ascend in your quest to become a master story slinger.

The more power your story contains, the more problems it can solve for others, and the greater the impact it will have on the world around you.  The greater the impact, the more fans you will attract to you and the more influence you will hold.

Unlimited Variety

With the basic ingredients of character, setting, action, events, and objects, there is no limit to what you can create. Combine as many or as few as you need to create a frame for whatever story you want to tell.

Add in details like time, mood, tone, lighting, dialogue, gestures, and pacing to expand your story frames and create scenes. There are infinite ways to combine the ingredients to change your stories, increase their impact, and enhance their power.

The Details Matter

When it’s time to polish your stories, the details matter. How you put your scenes together, in what order you assemble them, and which you choose to include and which you choose to cut will determine the final quality of your story.

Quality is part of what will determine how many fans your story will attract and how much influence you gain. The more fans you attract and the greater the influence you command, the faster you will rise through the ranks.

Speed. Quality. Targeting.

The speed at which you create, the quality of your stories, and how well your stories fit the needs of the fans you’ve selected are all part of how fast your fan base grows and how much influence you will create.

The faster you create, the higher the quality of your creations, the more targeted they are toward your fans and what your fans want and need, the bigger the impact and the greater the influence.

Create poor quality works and you will struggle to gain fans. Choose the wrong fans to target and your stories will fail to impact them. Without impact, your influence will not spread.