The World of WordQuest offers both online and offline opportunities to connect with people in game and in the real world. In fact, everything about WordQuest is designed to encourage those connections.

Relationships, Reputation, and Trust

The key to success in WordQuest.Online, just as it is in life, is your ability to form relationships, develop your reputation, and earn the trust of characters and players alike.


Relationships, like gardens, take time to grow and careful cultivation to keep them from dying. Spend time with players and characters. Seek to serve them. Ask questions and get to know them. WordQuest gives you ample opportunities to connect, but it’s up to you to do the work required.


Players and characters have long memories. What you do and how you do it will not only influence how players and characters react to you, but what they hear about you when you are not around. Your reputation score will influence what quests you can unlock and which you will not be able to open.

You will also gain reputation score through the work that you produce. Higher quality works result in higher levels of reputation being earned. Every boost in reputation will earn you a boost in your fan base, and some quests can only be unlocked when you have a certain number of fans.


As you complete quests for characters or players and serve them, you will earn their trust. The better the quality of the work you do for them, the more trust you will earn. Some quests will only unlock when your trust levels are high enough.

Making Amends

Not every player or character you meet is going to be forgiving. Some people just won’t let a mistake be forgotten no matter how long it has been or how hard you try. First impressions do matter. However, some characters and players can be convinced to forgive if you’re willing to take steps to prove that you’ve recognized what you did wrong and are going to work to make it right.

When you’ve messed up with a relationship, you may be offered a quest to “make amends.” It’s wise to take these quests when you can. Just don’t mess up the second quest. Taking a “make amends” quest and then failing to follow through with it can take a bad relationship score and make it worse.

In Game


The more characters you meet, the more quests you will reveal. However, some quests will only unlock when you have a high enough relationship and trust score built up with the character in question. Trust is built up by successfully completing quests for the character. Relationship is built up by spending time with that character interacting with them, asking questions about them, learning their interests and hobbies as you go.


Players will be able to buy property in the game and create quests for other players to complete. They can also visit the properties of other players and look for player-created quests to complete as well as listen to or read stories created by those players.  

Real World


Join our WordQuest.Online forums and chat with players from around the world. Share your stories, your talents, and your experiences. 


WordQuest.Online will sponsor regular meetups so that you can find a place to connect with other players for live action role playing or to get help and support in making your visions a reality.